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Gaming on Linux

Linux Gaming.


In this post I've decided to write an article about gaming on Linux. So if you've decided to take sometime off and go on vacation and find yourself with nothing to do, you can play some pretty amazing Open Source Linux based games. I've so far only collected 3, and they're all based on different genres. The first game is a FPS (First Person Shooter) called Cube 2. Then a historical real strategy game called 0 A.D. and it's set out to be a Open Source clone of Age of Empires 2. Finally last but not least is a puzzle game called Zaz, which is based on Zuma.



So click the read more for instructions on how to install the games. 

Install and try Gnome Shell.

This September will be no doubt be marked as a historical month for the developers of Gnome as they'll be officially be releasing Gnome 3.0. Well if you can't wait until September and want to try out the latest that the deveoplers have to offer then you can install Gnome Shell from the Ubuntu Software Center. Gnome Shell is the defining technology that's making Gnome 3.0, and I have to say it looks and works amazingly. It may take you about a minute to get use to all the changes. Once you've found your way around you'll find yourself in a world of amazment.

LUG July 2010 Meeting - The Chumby, iPad and laser pico projectors

Our next LUG meeting will be on 4:00PM Saturday, July 17th at the Al Ayam Media Center(for directions see Al Ayam Media Center Directions). the topic will be as follows:

The Chumby, iPad and laser pico projectors

Marwan AlSabbagh and Ali Almahdi will present three different electronic products that are each unique and interesting in there own right. below are details of each mini-presentation:

The Chumby
The Chumby is a consumer electronics product with an embedded computer roughly resembling a small clock radio, it consists of a small touch-screen with a leather and plastic exterior. It uses AC power and turns off if unplugged and moved; a 9 volt battery connector is supplied for backup power. It comes in six colors. It is an embedded computer which provides Internet and LAN  access via a Wi-Fi  connection. Through this connection, the Chumby runs various software widgets. The Chumby runs on Linux.

The Apple iPad
I hope this product doesn't need much introduction. Under the hood it is running a Unix-Based operating system on an ARM processor. We will cover how to jailbreak this device and how to install a number of different open source applications on it.

The Microvision Laser Pico Projector
this is a portable projector that can fit comfortable in your pocket and is battery powered so provides full mobility. It uses a unique laser technology for projection that means the images is always in focus and can be projected on any shaped surface. The potential for this technology is very exciting and it will be fun to demonstrate the quality of this device to the group.


Event Date: 
July 17, 2010 - 4:00pm

Run Mac OS X(86) in Virtualbox.

 Now that the world cup is over and Spain are the winners I can get back to writing. Seems like some guys in Lifehacker have figured out a way on running Mac OS X 86. The current version is Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), however I got Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard up and running. It seems to run smoothly without an issues. Of course if you don't have a OSX86 CD you can download the torrent for it. It will be a couple of Gigs,  so lets hope you're bandwidth is with Menatelecom. Anyway click the link bellow for instructions on getting it to run, and a download link of Mac OS X86.

(The tutorial says on Windows, but it works on Ubuntu as well.)

Firefox 4.0 beta 1!

Well I guess the title says it all. However you should be warned this beta looks nothing like the picture on the right, but they plan on making it look like that in the next beta release (or final).

Download Now!

LUG June 2010 Meeting - Ubuntu Developer Summit

Our next LUG meeting will be on 4:00PM Saturday, June 12th at the Al Ayam Media Center(for directions see Al Ayam Media Center Directions). the topic will be as follows:

Ubuntu Developer Summit

Every six months after a Ubuntu release, the Ubuntu developers meet to plan the next release. Jeremy Bicha was able to represent Bahrain at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in May in Belgium. This month's presentation will discuss what UDS is, how to participate (in person or remotely), and what happens at these summits. At the opening keynote, Mark Shuttleworth debuted a new interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition named Unity. Unity basically consists of a dock/launcher on the left side of the desktop since vertical space is more limited than horizontal space on netbooks. Ubuntu Software Center is scheduled to include one application that is available for purchase and a ratings and reviews feature is planned. Come to our next meeting to learn more about what else is being worked on for Ubuntu's Maverick Meerkat release in October. You may check out photos of the event here on flickr
This is also Jeremy's last BLUG meeting as he will be moving to Maryland this summer. He has been a very dear member of the LUG for over two years, and he will be sorely missed. So don't miss this chance to see him before he departs to bigger and better places Insha Alalh.
Event Date: 
June 12, 2010 - 4:00pm

Found in Bahrain Part 1: Google Nexus One at EMax (Marina Mall)

Well this isn't much of a surprise, but well it's good to know that there's a place in Bahrain where you can buy the Nexus One. Here are a couple of picture that I took of the device, it seems to be a bit over priced at 289 BD, but well it's not that bad of a price for the "Google Phone". I didn't take any pictures of it on though as this was just on display without a battery. I did try it out at the counter however and it seemed to be authentic, so check it out at EMax, Marina Mall.

Click Read More for more pictures.

Convert a flat disk image to a .vmdk file.

 So lately many of you may have read a couple of the articles that I've wrote and one of them is about Google Chrome. Now If you download the right version you won't have any problems setting it up in a virtual machine such as Virtualbox. However, lets say you download the bootable usb image (.img) and wanted to convert it into a Virtual Machine disk image. Well with these 2 simple steps you can.

We will use QEMU to convert the image.

1. Install QEMU - sudo apt-get install qemu.
2. With the terminal window opened (or a new one) type in qemu-img convert imagefilename.img -O vmdk imagefilename.vmdk

After that you should've successfully converted your flat disk image to a virtual machine image.


MeeGo goes 1.0 for your netbooks and N900!

 Nokia and Intel's joint project MeeGo (Maemo 5 and Moblin) has officially hit 1.0. The release provides developers with a stable core foundation for application development and rich user experience for Netbooks. The release cycle has been planned for every 6 months. The developers have also released the MeeGo API which includes Qt 4.6, the MeeGo SD, and various other operating system tools. For more user features and download link click read more.


Google Chrome 5 Pronounced Stable

That's right, Google's Chrome web browser is finally out of beta. It also adds HTML 5 utilites and improves JavaScript support by 213 percent for the V8 benchmark and 305 percent for the SunSpider benchmark. The latest version includes numerous other updates and bug fixes.
So if you're interested on giving Google Chrome a shot just click the download link below.


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